Those Preaching Women Volume 2-DIY whole book
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Those Preaching Women, Volume 2 presents fifteen sermons by women preachers who have achieved distinction in the black pulpit.

Sensitive to the pressures of life in today's turbulent world, each preacher uses her own uniquely creative approach for applying the meaning of great Bible truths to the contemporary concerns of the person in the pew. While themes differ, a common message of hope is woven into all fifteen sermons--in Christ we are lifted above the indignities and problems of this world to a new spiritual freedom.

These dynamic sermons speak eloquently of forgiveness, the need for washing away negative attitudes, Christ's healing love, the power of prayer, God's everlasting goodness, and the significance of the Lord's Supper, Christians are challenged to walk by faith rather than by sight, to become vessels of God's love, to experience the joy of a personal relationship with Christ, and to take their special places God's plan for transforming the world.

This volume is a rich source of sermon thoughs for all pastors and inspriring devotional reading for laypersons.

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