Just Don't Marry One-DIY-Section 2 Support for Interracial Couples and Multiracial Families
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Section 2 Support for Interracial Couples and Multiracial Familes

This section includes chapters 6-11.

Chapter 6: What about the Children? I Am One by Sundee Tucker Frazier

Chapter 7: "What about My Family?" and Other Premarital Questions by David T. Tatlock

Chapter 8: And Two Shall Become One: Merging Two Racial Cultures in Christian Love by Art and Debbie Lucero

Chapter 9: Mixed Blood: I Am a Bridge by Randy Woodley

Chapter 10: Interracial Marriage: As Asian American Christian Perspective by Bob and Jean Chin

Chapter 11: Being Brave Enough to Love in Color by Olga Soler

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