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With a heart turned toward his own journey and an eye and ear turned to the spiritual journey common to us all, Paul Williams finds the humor, the heart, and the humanity of life and the God who is beneath it all. This collection probes the beauty of life's otherwise ordinary experiences through reflective stories that lift up the triumph of God's creational intent over the suffering and meaninglessness often found in today's world.

With stories grouped around the major themes of life--growing up, family, work, and the fear and discovery of finding oneself--the common thread of Laughter, Tears, and In-Between is the importance of the journey. From ordinary events in his own journey--including Christmas gifts unseen, strangers met through lines of an obituary, seeing his youngest child leave home, and other major passages of life--Williams invites you to see God in his, and you, own story.

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"Men will not ask for directions. In fact, they are notorious for it. Paul has not only spent a lifetime seeking directions for his journey, but he has also taken the time to write them down so we don't have to ask. Within these pasges you will find light for your journey shared by one on the same path . . . and just a few steps ahead." --Dustin Rubeck, president & CEO, The Worship Network

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