Africentric Christianity (PDF)
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Africentrism has captured the imagination of many in the African American community who are intent on discovering their cultural heritage ont he African continent. Scholars in many disciplines have revised their thinking in light of Africentric ideals. Although the profound theological message inherent in the concept of Africentrcity is seldom explored, many in the African American church have been prompted to consider how Africentric ideas relate to their Christian faith.

Is it possible to be culturally Africentric and a devout Christian at the same time?

In Africentric Christianity, highly-esteemed theologian J. Deotis Roberts, one of the architects and leading scholars of black theology today, provides a theological assessment of Africentrism and its relationship to Christiantiy. Roberts explores the origins, history, and principles of Africentrism for those who have only a general sense of this movement. He reveals how its influences have affected how people practice their Christian faith. his observations will move churches, as well as individual Christians, to make informed decisions regarding how to incorporate Africentric thinking into their lives and ministries.

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