Evangelism on Purpose-DIY-whole book
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What do you know about the purpose of your church?
Why should your congregation continue to exist?

In this concise and practical guide, Richard Rusbuldt shows pastors and church leaders how to:

  • listen to God's will and expectations for your congregation
  • examine your ministries in light of whether they are God's will for your church
  • open the door to a vital new future as an evangelizing community

The author then walks the church through the process of:

  • studying and revising its mission statement in light of its God-given purpose
  • Developing a vision or "areas of concern" out of that mission statement
  • Establishing goals from each agreed-upon area of concern
  • Setting objectives that define how you will reach your goals

Questions for discussion at the end of each chapter, along with a leader's guide and workshop outlines, make Evangelism on Purpose an ideal resource for church committees and small groups.

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