Taking Discipleship Seriously-DIY-whole book
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When Jesus calls us to follow him, he is not looking for occasional use of our gifts. . .he wants our lives. With this bold challenge, Tom Sine calls on today’s Christians to recapture the total commitment of first-century disciples who truly lived out their faith in answer to Christ’s call. Such a radical biblical view of God’s kingdom has implications touching every area of a Christian’s life as well as a far-reaching effect on the larger mission of the church.

Sine urges churches to set aside self-involved agendas to seek God’s will in a world of exploding needs. They are encouraged to become agents of change in their communities, to improve the plight of needy persons with a "hand-up" rather than a handout. Readers will be encouraged to think deeply about their response to Christ’s invitation to "follow me," and to place concern for God’s kingdom above their personal desires.

Ideal for personal and small group study.

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