How to Be the Best Christian Study Group Leader
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 0560
Pages: 160
Size: 6" x 9"
ISBN: 9780817015008
PubDate: 2006

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Table of Contents and Introduction

Israel Galindo provides the Christian educator with the perspective and the tools to be truly effective as a small study group leader. This book will equip you to:

  • create learning objectives
  • understand group dynamics
  • discern learning styles within the group
  • develop the right questions for group interaction.
  • assess your own effectiveness as a leader

Galindo discusses these and other topics in the pursuit of a learning approach that achieves the ultimate goal of Christian education: to bring faith to life. A sample topical Bible study and examples of small group study are included.

Editorial Reviews:

"Not only will this book help a small group leader to use effective planning processes and methods, but it will help educators, pastors, and lay leaders to re-think how they teach, how people learn, and assist them in moving beyond what Dr. Galindo calls the 'deadly null-expectancy factor.'" —The Education Connection, Association of United Church Educators

"This book is adult Christian education at its best! A must-have study for teacher training (either in a group or individual setting), it challenges teachers—and then shows them how—to move out of their comfort zones of teacher-centered approaches into dialogical or learner-centered approaches." —Jackie Riley, Baptists Today, April 2007

"Here is a helpful reference tool for small-group leaders...Each chapter is packed with biblically sound insights and information."—Church Libraries, Spring 2007

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