The Work of the Chaplain
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Pages: 144
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PubDate: 2006

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Table of Contents

The Work of the Chaplain is the ideal starting point for all who are exploring a call to chaplain ministry, including seminarians. As experienced chaplains themselves, the authors provide from a Christian perspective a concise history and biblical basis for chaplain ministry and carefully explain what makes chaplaincy unique. They provide specific guidance for the often unique areas to which chaplains are called to minister including:

  • parishes
  • multi-religious settings
  • disaster or first-response settings
  • military bases at home and abroad
  • hospitals and hospice care
  • blue- and white-collar workplaces
  • correctional facilities or prisons
  • crisis intervention services
  • law-enforcement agencies
  • high schools and college or university campuses

Learn how issues such as accountability, privacy, personal ethics, and spiritual assessment play an integral role in the success of a chaplain. And don't miss the advice the authors offer about health and empowerment issues for chaplains, emphasizing the importance of chaplains caring for themselves even while providing care for others.


Editorial Reviews:

“Naomi Paget and Janet McCormack bring real life chaplaincy experience to this very important book and it shows. In this ground breaking work, they bring excellence to the task of unlocking the often closed door to understanding what chaplains do, how they do it and why it is so vitally important to the fabric of any society.  Bravo!” —Mark Cress, President, Corporate Chaplains of America, Inc

"There is scant reflection from a Christian perspective on what it means to be a chaplain in today's pluralistic workplace and world. Naomi Paget and Janet McCormack fill this gap marvelously with ideas and perspectives born out of extensive experience, bringing much needed resources to both new and seasoned chaplains in all types workplace settings." —David W. Miller, Ph.D., Executive Director, Yale Center for Faith & Culture.

"Chaplains are on the front lines accelerating the fulfillment of the Great Commission. This book will inspire, instruct, and perhaps be the means of calling new persons to this important work. Read it to discover new ways to come alongside people in everyday life situations and impact them with the good news of Jesus Christ!" —Dr. Jeff Iorg, President, Golden Gate Baptist Theological Seminary

"Chaplaincy is an exciting ministry that is often under-appreciated and under-resourced. The authors address the full scope of what chaplains do with much insight and sensitivity." —Richard J. Mouw, President and Professor of Christian Philosophy, Fuller Theological Seminary

"The Work of the Chaplain is a well written, thought provoking book for those considering some form of chaplaincy, as well as for those already in the role of chaplain. It reminds us that we are servants of God in whatever situation we find ourselves. However, ministry is not something that just happens, but rather is something for which we must intentionally prepare. I am grateful to have this resource available and will be using it in courses that I teach." —Roger R. Keller, Ph.D., Professor of Church History and Doctrine, Brigham Young University

"The Work of the Chaplain is a clear, concise text that offers essential understanding of this critical caregiver role in a variety of public contexts. This should be required reading for students in formation or introductory pastoral care classes in seminary, persons in their first unit of Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) and for any clergy or layperson considering chaplaincy as a vocation." —Teresa E. Snorton, Executive Director, ACPE, Inc.

"The Work of the Chaplain provides an excellent overview of the nature, task and responsibility of those who provide spiritual care in increasingly varied settings.  Paget and McCormack write out of personal experience and provide an outstanding resource for pursuing the call of chaplaincy." —Dr. Randy MacFarland, Vice President and Dean, Denver Seminary

"This excellent, concise and insightful book is a MUST read for anyone interested in ministry or chaplaincy, lay or ordained. Church and denominational leaders, endorsing agents, teachers, seminary students, and candidates for any chaplain ministry need these insights before 'practicing' their ministries. It is a valuable instrument for discerning or clarifying one's call to service and ministry, while enriching one's understanding of what is expected and needed. It defines the important role and work of the chaplain in living, not speaking to one's faith. All the basic training issues of an introductory Clinical Pastoral Education (CPE) training unit are covered in this one little book and would give CPE students a heads start are incorporating these lessons into their pastoral role." —Lorraine K. Potter, Chaplain, Major General, USAF retired Past Chief of Air Force Chaplains

"This is an excellent resource for graduate theological schools and clergy exploring the call to this specialized ministry."
—George A Langhorne, Coordinator of Chaplaincy Ministries, American Baptist Churches USA

"It is paradoxical that the book, although it is relatively short and can be read in a single sitting, is perhaps, the most comprehensive work about the depth and breadth of chaplaincy I have read in recent years." —Chaplain George A. Burn, BCC, Director of Pastoral Care at Mount Nittany Medical Center, State College, PA

"This book provides an overview of the various settings in which Christian chaplains work in a modern society and describes the chaplain's roles and responsibilities. There is a chapter on hospice/health-care that points out that budget-sensitive hospital administrators are prone to paying lip service only to the need for spiritual care." —Roger Woodruff, Director of Palliative Care, Austin Health, Melbourne, Australia

"Easy to read and a helpful guide for supervisory chaplains in nurturing more junior chaplains." —The Carillon, EFCA Chaplains Newsletter, Summer 2007

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