Jordan's Hair
Format: Hardcover
Book Code: 1218
Pages: 16
Size: 8" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817014841
PubDate: 2005

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Little Jordan has a problem. He loves to be with his friends at school, but his skin color and hair texture is different from theirs. Jordan thinks God doesn't love him because he looks different. He soon prays for a change in his appearance so he can look just like his friends. With the help of his parents and teacher, Jordan comes to understand that he has been beautifully and wonderfully made by God's hands. He discovers that sometimes his friends may even want to look like him. Jordan learns that he is loved because of the kindness on the inside and not his appearance on the outside. 

Editorial Reviews:

“The authors have created a warm, charming character that is, at a young age, aware that going to God in prayer is the best way to get help with problems. The issues of self-esteem are dealt with in a forthright manner that easily registers with young readers.” —Sandra Jowers, Precious Times

"The impressive illustrations on every page—big, bold and bright—make this an ideal book for readers ages four to eight. The authors' message will help instill an important sense of self-love and self-esteem in children regardless of ethnicity." —Black Issues Book Review, May-June 2006

“An excellent addition to homeschool or Christian-school libraries.” —Aspiring Retail

"Jordan comes to understand that God has created him beautifully." —Ebony, May 2006


Jordan's Hair was selected as one of the top 100 products of 2007 in “The Best You Can Be” award program, which honors products that can make a difference in the lives of children, parents or teachers.  To read more about this award, see the press release.

Also a "Great Reading for Children" selection from Focus on the Family.

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