God and Evolution
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 0510
Pages: 166
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817014742
PubDate: 2004

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Table of Contents and Introduction

A biology professor at a Christian university, Wilcox is committed to a strong biblical faith and to faithful, responsible science. He maintains that there can be no conflict between Scripture and the natural world because God is the author of both. The contentious debate over evolution is a result of a failure to recognize and respect the boundaries of science and also the boundaries of theology. The author addresses such topics as the age of the earth and the origins of life, including human life, exploring from a scientist's perspective what we know and how we know it. His objective is to help readers reach a point in their faith where they don't have to choose between God and science, but where they can embrace science as a part of the divine plan.

Editorial Reviews:

“It is refreshing to me, as a Christian biologist, to see an open-minded discussion of evolution from a man of faith.” —Michael A. Vincent, Journal of the American Scientific Affiliation, Sept 2005

"I have read nearly 200 books in this area, and have not felt as satisfied after reading a book since I read Darrel Falk’s Coming to Peace with Science. I am preparing for two one-hour seminars to be presented to college-age students at a Baptist church.  Over my time of study in this area I have found no source that more closely aligns with my own beliefs than your book.  Not only has it been a great source of helpful material, but it has increased my personal confidence as well in approaching my presentation. I encourage you to continue thinking and communicating about this information that is so vital for Christians." — Arnie Berg

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