What Did Jesus Say? A Daily Devotional Journal
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 0509
Pages: 384
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817014728
PubDate: 2004

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Imagine getting a word from Jesus—every day for a year. Each daily entry begins with a quote from Jesus taken directly from Scripture. These quotes remind us of the power and truth Christ spoke so clearly through his words. Epps then provides rich commentary on each passage. A final question enables readers to interact with the saying for the day. These daily reflections and questions will make you think and reflect upon your life journey. They prompt the reader to consider ways in which they can grow toward spiritual maturity. Readers are encouraged to record their thoughts in this daily journal as part of a process to apply Jesus' words to their lives 365 days a year.

Editorial Reviews:

"What Did Jesus Say? A Daily Devotional Journal is a consumable, 365-day devotional resource. For each day, it presents a quote from Jesus Christ, a paragraph of plain terms commentary that reflects upon questions pertaining to the intersection of human spiritual needs and the wisdom of Jesus' words, and blank lines for the reader to write his or her prayers. Highly recommended as a resource for faithful introspection, meditation, and life-changing resolve." —Midwest Book Review

"Gifted in the intricacies of spirituality, William S. Epps has lifted this excellent 365-day devotional resource from his own mediations, and we are beneficiaries all." —Rev. Dr. Gardner C. Taylor, Pastor Emeritus, Concord Baptist Church, Brooklyn, NY

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