View From the Pew
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 0503
Pages: 110
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817014599
PubDate: 2004

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Table of Contents

Each week, pastors and preachers stand in the pulpit on Sunday morning and tell people in their congregations things they need to hear. But there are also things that preachers ought to be listening for and hearing from those who sit in their pews. This insightful resource, written by Lora-Ellen McKinney, a lifelong observer of those who stand in the pulpit, will help open the eyes of many a pastor who sometimes sends messages he or she doesn't intend. This happens not just through the words that emanate from the pulpit, but through the attitudes and behaviors pastors exhibit throughout the week. Based upon thorough research and interviews, this is a resource for all pastors and active laypersons, but is especially relevant in the African American context out of which it was developed.

Editorial Reviews:

"This book is an outstanding source for preachers who really want the views of the laymen of their churches. I read this book in a day and can say it definitely spoke for most church members. I felt like she had surveyed all African-American churches before she wrote the book!" —Dianna Ruffin,The Finishing Touch

"View from the Pew is a great reference for ministers and those seeking to become ministers. The author lovingly presents a checklist for ministerial success based on the words and writings of church elders, scripture and discussions with parishioners." —A reader

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