Addicted to Hurry
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 0492
Pages: 124
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817014452
PubDate: 2003

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Table of Contents

A much-needed resource that debunks the “need for speed” mentality that so many people have embraced as a part of their everyday lives. This book goes beyond social and psychological analysis to include spiritual perspectives on the dangers of letting hurry become a chronic condition. Each chapter includes helpful questions that allow readers to identify their current pace of life and assist them in cultivating their own sacred, savoring pace.

Editorial Reviews:

“A single phrase on the colorful cover of this unique book effectively sums up its beneficial content. . . ‘Spiritual strategies for slowing down.’ And, if that doesn’t inspire you, then answer this question. . .Honestly, now, what’s your hurry?” —Zel Levin, Book Review

"Jones has done an excellent job of giving us insight into taking the time to savor all that life has to offer based on sound biblical principles and life-changing exercises. The fact that the book is short and straight to the point is an added bonus, although after reading it, many may want to go back and savor the book's insight and wisdom, and re-examine their own lives more closely.” —Chandra Sparks Taylor, QBR

"If ever it was a travesty to read a book quickly for review purposes, this is the book. Jones' very language cries out to be savored. He writes clearly, reflectively, persuasively." - Donald E. Keeney, The Clergy Journal

“The hectic pace of life in the twenty-first century creates a fertile garden for this empowering book… Anyone who needs to take a long, deep breath during his or her busy day will benefit from this easy but life-changing manuscript.” —Dr. Jim Royston, Executive Director/Treasurer of the Baptist State Convention of NC


Addicted to Hurry was recognized (16th) among the Top 20 Ethnic and Cultural African American titles of 2004, according to Christian Retailing magazine. The list was based on the Evangelical Christian Publisher Association's Sales Tracking Analysis Trends Summary program data. Addicted to Hurry continues to be a best seller for Judson Press.

Please note that Addicted to Hurry is not written specifically for an African American audience.

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