Total Praise
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 0482
Pages: 160
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817014384
PubDate: 2003

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Total Praise! is an ideal orientation resource for those new to the African American Baptist church. Author Lora-Ellen McKinney provides basic information pertaining to distinctly Baptist beliefs, expressions of faith, and worship traditions in the African American context. The material in each chapter of this one-of-a-kind resource is organized into a Q-&-A format, which along with the "That's What I'm Talking About" and "Thinking through Your Choice" sections, makes this book easily accessible to individual readers and usable in group settings. Includes appendices with descriptions of the major black denominations and organizations, as well as a list of recommended resources.

Editorial Reviews:

"Dr. McKinney has given to Christendom a priceless description of the worship patterns of Baptists who are African American. The bibliography alone is a treasure trove for all who would understand a people, once slaves, who have achieved a cordial marriage of what is African and what is European." - Rev. Dr. Gardner C. Taylor, pastor emeritus, Concord Baptist Church, Brooklyn, New York

"A very clear, readable and comprehensive resource for Baptist new-member classes, and a useful all-around reference work for students, veteran laity, and pastors." - Dr. Ella P. and Rev. Dr. Henry H. Mitchell, visiting professors, Interdenominational Theological Center, Atlanta, Georgia

"...meets an important need in enabling lay and clergy readers to access important information and insights about the origins, development and challenges facing African American Baptist churches across the country." - Rev. Dr. Marvin A. McMickle, author of An Encyclopedia of African American Christian Heritage and Preaching to the Black Middle Class (Judson Press)

"Total Praise! is an exciting and important book. The author reminds us that one has to choose to be Baptist. The Baptist faith is not something that one is born into. At the center of our faith is a decision, a defining moment that makes all of the difference in the world. The title, Total Praise!, is well-deserved." - Archie Smith, Jr., professor of pastoral psychology and counseling, Graduate Theologican Union, Berkeley, California


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