An Encyclopedia of African American Christian Heritage
Format: Hardcover
Book Code: 0473
Pages: 304
Size: 7" x 10"
ISBN: 9780817014025
PubDate: 2002

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McMickle's Encyclopedia blends biography, story, and commentary on a host of prominent and lesser known people in African American religious history. With entries ranging from the abolitionist movement to Malcom X and from Andrew Young to Ralph Abernathy, these concise, informative articles will guide young readers and experienced scholars alike through such comprehensive, wide-ranging topics as Kwanzaa, the civil rights movement, the Nation of Islam, and the growth and development of the major historically black denominations.

Editorial Reviews:

"This book is recommended for academic collections and church libraries concerned with cultural diversity of worshiping God." —Rebecca Cress-Ingebo, academic librarian, Christian Library Journal

"An ambitious new work examines the religious struggles and contributions of African Americans." —David Briggs, Los Angeles Times

"Recommended for academic libraries." —BCALA News-Off-The-Press Supplement

"With nearly 200 entries on the people, places and theological developments of the black church in America, Marvin McMickle's An Encyclopedia of African American Christian Heritage provides a valuable historical resource. Despite the title, the entries are not exclusively Christian; controversial prophets such as Father Divine, Charles "Daddy" Grace and the Noble Drew Ali join traditional church leaders like Howard Thurman and Adam Clayton Powell. One especially welcome feature that distinguishes this from other reference books on African-American Christianity is its up-to-date inclusion of current leaders such as Cornel West, T.D. Jakes and Katie Cannon."—Publishers Weekly

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