The Craft of Christian Teaching
Format: Paperback
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Pages: 180
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ISBN: 9780817012809
PubDate: 1998

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Table of Contents

A strong and vibrant Christian education program lies at the heart of a growing church. No matter what the philosophy or approach to education, no program can flourish without skilled and dedicated teachers. While some such teachers are born, Israel Galindo believes that many others can be made.

The author bases his advice on sound educational theory and on years of experience in Christian education. He is not content to develop merely good teachers. His ideas and principles will help teachers become the best they can possibly be. He addresses such questions as:

  • What is unique about Christian education?
  • Are some approaches to Christian teaching more appropriate than others?
  • Is there a different way of learning—not just information gathering—that impacts faith matters?
  • What skills does the teacher need to possess for effective instruction in the church?

Editorial Reviews:

“. . . In terms of specific methodologies and approaches to learning in a Christian context, I think this book is full of very good information that teachers and even preachers can refer to repeatedly in their pursuit of becoming very good teachers.” —J. F. Foster

“Galindo's book is practical and helpful for those who want to become better and more effective teachers. Galindo is a careful writer and uses humor well to make his points. The book is full of helpful illustrations. The title comes from one of his workshop attendees who said that she took his class so that she ‘could become a very good teacher.’ For pastors or church educators—perhaps one in the same—this book offers an ample array of ideas. Teachers can easily apply Galindo suggestions. This book would make an excellent gift for a staff person or volunteer who oversees any church's educational ministries.” —excerpted from a review in Clergy Journal

"Particularly for the newly recruited teacher there is much wisdom (and comfort) in this volume." —Clergy Journal, March 2008

"Offers a good summary of theoretical understandings of religious teaching and learning. Especially Part 5, 'Methods,' provides a helpful and accessible offering of teaching methods adaptable to most congregational settings. Galindo's presentation of Small Groups, Storytelling, Critical Thinking, Dialogue, Creativity, and Process Learning as teaching methods, is clear and inviting, and would transform Religious Education in many of our faith communities. Galindo's methods would be appropriate for youth and older." —from "Five Resources on Teaching Methods" in Religious Education, January-February 2009

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