GodStories: Scriptural Narratives for Today
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 0357
Pages: 322
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817012656
PubDate: 1998

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Are you looking for a Bible study resource that:

  • Provides solid biblical background
  • Honors the narrative nature of Scripture
  • Engages imagination and emotion as well as the intellect
  • Leads to personal faithfulness
  • Highlights God’s call to social justice?

GodStories does it all. Stephen Shoemaker retells 33 stories of Scripture, from Genesis to Revelation, in a way that both brings students into the world of the sacred text and brings the text into the heart of contemporary life. Each story is presented in 8–10 pages and begins with a brief background section, making this an ideal resource for personal study, small groups, or even for leaders of large groups who want a creative way to share the Word.

Editorial Reviews:

“Shoemaker breathes a freshness into well-worn stories that have grown stale from an over-familiarity that dates from early Sunday school days. He showcases other stories often overlooked or neglected that have invaluable messages and examples to help us deal with a world as faith challenging as anything to be found in timeless passages of the Old and New Testaments.” —The Midwest Book Review

“Shoemaker's book is a much-needed addition to all the books about persons in the Bible and the nature of the biblical narrative. I am using it in a college course and the great majority of students reading and writing about Shoemaker's book find between its covers an invitation to the humanity, humor, and grace available in the stories of the Bible. Shoemaker has taken a traditionally Jewish style of storytelling and enriched the resources of all persons for hearing and understanding the stories in the Bible. Sometimes the familiarity with Biblical stories and ‘how they turn out’ keeps people from hearing the call to new ways of being in the world. Shoemaker takes off the layers of ‘foreignness’ and provides a threshold to the Bible for those who have studied it before and those who have not.” —T. Skeen, Nashville, Tennessee

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