The New Hiscox Guide for Baptist Churches
Format: Hardcover
Book Code: 0314
Pages: 340
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817012151
PubDate: 1995

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Dr. Edward Thurston Hiscox (1814–1901) was a distinguished Baptist theologian and author whose Standard Manual for Baptist Churches (published in 1890) and New Directory for Baptist Churches (published in 1894) were considered two of the foundational works of the modern Baptist church. In 1964, these books were combined into the Hiscox Guide for Baptist Churches, which has become a classic work in its own right. At the end of the 20th century, the book was revised and updated by well-respected Baptist pastor and teacher Dr. Everett C. Goodwin.

The book is divided into eight chapters:

  1. Nature of the Church
  2. Membership of the Church
  3. Church ministry
  4. Church leaders and officers
  5. Christian worship
  6. Christian ordinances, rituals and ceremonies
  7. The witness of the Church
  8. Church order, process and discipline

Following these chapters are seven appendices that include a Baptist chronology, creeds and confessions, and more.

Editorial Reviews:

“It is an excellent resource for anyone who wishes to have a clear understanding of the Baptist church—what it is and how it operates. I highly recommend this book.” —Kurt A. Johnson, Marseilles, Illinois

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