Together for Good
Format: Paperback
Book Code: 1224
Pages: 288
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817014896
PubDate: 2005

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In Together for Good Rev. Drs. Ella P. and Henry H. Mitchell share the secret to lasting love and friendship. This memoir chronicles the Mitchells' fifty-eight year relationship. Filled with anecdotes and the couple's down-to-earth candor, Together for Good provides encouragement, insight and wisdom to anyone seeking an example of a marriage based upon mutual love, honor and respect.

Editorial Reviews:

"In a day when so many social institutions have lost their luster, Together For Good provides a sterling testament of the enduring virtue and value of a 'vibrant' lifelong commitment. The Mitchell's unique recollection of their more than half century journey together holds forth a hopeful note amidst our high-tech concerns of alienated households, fragmented families and ruptured relationships (in every regard). It is a highly recommended reading for those who would contemplate the gift of mutual companionship at its very best! Thank you Dr's. Ella & Henry Mitchell for this timeless treasure!" —A reader

"The Mitchells speak straight from their hearts to ours and provide practical help and open honest means for healing the hurts of those of us who are in new or long term relationships. The book is a tender dialogue between them spanning a half century of changes, crises and challenges; reminding us that all of life is indeed dialogue and that something mystical and magical happens in relationships when we truly see, hear and tenaciously embrace the other. Their story is a special gift." —Dr. Aidsand Wright-Riggins III, Executive Director of National Ministries, American Baptist Churches USA

"If you relish love stories and biographies of living saints, this book will thrill you. It provides a testimony to the enduring potential of a relationship grounded in mutual respect, trust, affection, and spirituality." —Rochelle Ingram

"In a world where selfishness is academic and values are ephemeral, the fifty-five years of marriage and ministry shared by Ella and Henry Mitchell is truly a saga of sacred togetherness. Their life together has been both a pilgrimage and prophecy: pilgrimage in the readiness and zeal to sail treacherous or even uncharted waters to find service in God's name wherever the need seemed most compelling. Prophecy as the living affirmation of God's transcendent truth and faithfulness in the face of human incapacity. Henry and Ella have lived with tragedy and overcame it. They have lived with success and survived it. They have been blessed in the blessing of so many lives, and they are rich with nothing beyond each other. No wonder they call the story of their lives Together for Good! Goodness has a way of attracting goodness (and mercy too!) all the days of our lives." —C. Eric Lincoln, Professor of Religion and Culture, Duke University

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