My Beloved, My Friend
Format: Paperback
Book Code: J245
Pages: 128
Size: 5" x 7"
ISBN: 9780817017767
PubDate: 2016

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Sometimes whimsical, sometimes humorous, consistently down-to-earth, and always practical, this volume of 26 meditations is inspired by the Song of Songs from the Hebrew Bible. Each meditation begins with selected verses from the Scripture, followed by a short reflection, sentence prayer, and several open-ended questions to talk about and relationship-building activities to try as a couple. Each meditation concludes with a poem from the author. Features a guide for retreat leaders who would like to use the book as part of a couples retreat.

Editorial Reviews:

"I have the opportunity to sit with many Christian couples who struggle to have the marriage that they feel they deserve. I consider their trust in me a privilege; however, for most of them I just wish they could see the beautiful plan that author, Brent Christianson, has captured in his modern yet classic interpretation of one of the most bibles most poignant writings for marriage, the Song of Solomon. By artfully weaving creative poetry, scriptural vignettes, and provoking questions, Mr. Christianson has developed more than a book. Instead, he serves us a tool, My Beloved, My Friend: The Song of Songs for Couples, that helps couples discover the most intimate aspects of their marriage. When engaged seriously, this book promises to elevate every marriage closer to God's promise for a joyful marriage that thrives through both the valleys and mountains of life."—Dr. Harold L. Arnold, Jr., Leadership Consultant and author of Marriage Rocks for Christian Couples

"My Beloved, My Friend is a refreshing look at both marriage and the Bible. Pastor Brent has used his gifts of poetry and prose to enlighten what can be the most challenging of human relationships through the words of the ancient Song of Songs. Pastor Brent's own poetry, highlighted at the end of each chapter, helps the reader touch, feel, and long for the mature relationship Brent has cultivated with his wife, children, and grandchildren. This book does a masterful job of crossing the bridge between biblical Christianity and twenty-first century life. A wonderful text for use at retreats and Bible studies, or for anyone who seeks a marriage full of fulfillment and love." — Kristin Seaborg, MD, author of The Sacred Disease: My Life With Epilepsy

“This book is helpful for a couple to read and do discussions to enrich their marriage. It covered a few areas that couples typically can grow to enrich their marriage. I would suggest to any couple who wants to reach their potential!”—Ron Hall, Lead Care Pastor, Christ's Church of the Valley, San Dimas, CA

“After reading the twenty-six finely crafted meditations in Pastor Brent Christianson’s new book My Beloved, My Friend: The Song of Songs for Couples, I realized the author had accurately described many of the most cherished moments with my beloved wife of 40-plus years. Using his remarkable gifts of storytelling and poetry, Pastor Christianson has captured the rich fabric of life and love found in intimate relationships over a lifetime. I hope this book will be discovered and used by anyone seeking to enrich and deepen his or her most important relationships. It will now be my first wedding gift to any couple whose marriage I am invited to celebrate.” —Rev. Don Romsa, Program Director for Campus Ministry, Evangelical Lutheran Church in America

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