8 Questions Jesus Asked
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Pages: 128
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Some leaders believe you must have all the answers; a wise leader knows when to ask the right question. Jesus was a wise leader, veteran pastors Dan Cash and Bill Griffith observe, and he asked a lot of questions. Selecting just eight of those powerful questions from the Gospel record, the authors explore their significance for us as leaders in this generation, where the leader is no longer viewed as expert but as a fellow explorer who leads the way in discover new ways to respond to the constantly changing world around us.

Each chapter includes the biblical passage, exploration of the question in context, and application of the question and its insights for leaders today. Small groups will appreciate the discussion questions, and facilitators will value the practical appendices with additional questions and tools. Drawing on the best of biblical scholarship and the wisdom of today’s coaching practices, this book is ideal for an 8-week study with leading disciples or discipling leaders!

Editorial Reviews:

“Today’s discoveries begin with questions, not answers. This book will help you to become a better leader by helping you to become a better questioner. Engage the why, how, and what of asking questions as you hear anew the questions that Jesus asked. Explore these questions with your peers and embrace them with your leaders. Clergy study groups, congregational small groups, and seminary classrooms will all benefit from this volume!” —C. Jeff Woods, Associate General Secretary for Regional Ministries, American Baptist Churches USA

“8 Questions Jesus Asked: Discipleship for Leaders is a clear and practical book for ministry leaders. It’s grounded in three critical areas: Scripture, solid thinking about leadership, and real-life ministry experience by both of the authors. This book is brief and readable but still offers substance. The useful appendices include valuable coaching questions and help for using the book in small group study. 8 Questions doesn’t pretend to give a quick fix (which doesn’t exist), but it will help leaders become more thoughtful about their work and encouraged to keep going.” —Margaret J. Marcuson, author of Leaders Who Last and Money and Your Ministry

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