Outstanding Black Sermons, Volume 3-DIY whole book
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The relevance of faith to black Christians who are seeking deeper meaning for their lives in a decade clouded by an insecure future is the theme interwoven into nine powerful sermons from some of our most prominent preachers.

Offering fresh perspectives on the problems of the day and new visions for the future, each biblically based message encourages men and women to grow spiritually, educationally, and politically in their efforts to attain person identity. Emphasizing the importance of faith translated into responsible action, these preachers speak out forcefully about the practical concerns of daily living in today's turbulent world.

Sermons by
Charles E. Booth Benjamin E. Mays
Albert F. Campbell Samuel D. Proctor
Yvonne V. Delk Gardner C. Taylor
James A. Forbes Jr. James S. Tinney
Leonard Lovett  
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