As the Ink Flows
Format: Paperback
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ISBN: 9780817017675
PubDate: 2016

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A devotional by writers for writers, integrating the craft of working with words with the faith of people of the Word to deepen, sustain, and expand ministry in the world. This collection of 90 devotions features a focus Scripture, a brief meditation on the text and the writing experience, and a prompt for personal reflection and creative response.

Key features:

·      Five authors offer different writing styles and voices, speaking to a wide audience of writer personalities and goals.

·      Writing prompts offer incentive and inspiration to try something different.

·      Award-winning authors have published extensively for various Christian publications. 

Editorial Reviews:

As the Ink Flows is a truly inspirational read that will lift your spirits and feed your soul on a daily basis. A wonderful resource for Christian writers and speakers, it is a book that will be a welcome addition to any personal library.” —Jen Turano, bestselling and acclaimed author of The Ladies of Distinction and A Class of Their Own series.

"As the Ink Flows is a dazzling goldmine of inspirational nuggets so creative and concise; it's a must-have devotional for writers, pastors, speakers or anyone in ministry!"––Julie Lessman, award-winning author of The Daughters of Boston and Heart of San Franciscoseries

"Consistently inspiring, occasionally convicting, and refreshingly practical! It is my joy to recommend As the Ink Flows to writers who are passionate to see their written words reflect the immeasurably powerful and absolutely personal Living Word."––Andy Frecka, author of Winter Road

"Christians who suspect that writing could be something they are called to do will find As the Ink Flows to be an answer to prayer. By making direct connections between the Bible and various practical aspects of writing, this book will inspire and challenge its readers in the best of ways."––Bill Fledderus, Senior editor, Faith Today magazine and adjunct English instructor, Redeemer University College

"This book elevates the craft of writing into a divine encounter where the author sits in the presence of God and allows the Holy Spirit, the most creative force in the universe, to speak to and through them. Let God speak to you through this book, then get to your keyboard! "--Dr. Grant Mullen M.D., author of Emotionally Free

"This book has reminded me that every day is both a gift and an opportunity to grow in intimacy with God. This book has also encouraged me to remember that the joys and struggles I experience as a writer are the very means of grace toward that deepening intimacy. As the Ink Flows can easily be appreciated as a practical guide to incarnational living for those who have been created by God to write."-- Tracey-Ann Van Brenk, M.Div., CSD Certified Spiritual Director, Guidepost Ministries

"The authors of As the Ink Flows have prepared a real buffet of spiritual nourishment. I appreciate the breadth and scope of their collaborative work. This was helped by the uniqueness of the contributors and their place in 'the Story.' Beginning with the living words of Scripture, prayerful postures and a communal commitment, these writers invite us to join them in creative work; the joy and privilege of all God's image bearers. Here are words to awaken and stir our creative impulses to continue our participation in God's redemptive story. These insightful reflections and engaging exercises open us more fully to the Author of Life's work in and through us."--Al Roberts, Pastor of Calvary Baptist Church in Toronto

"This book inspired me with familiar ideas in a new context: 'have faith,' 'take chances,' 'trust in your calling' at, of all places, my seemingly safe computer. The authors have done a great job of weaving in examples of writer’s craft with spiritual disciplines. I loved how the questions for reflection created a conversational format; a wonderful way to invite the Holy Spirit to guide your creative spirit." --Cameron Kaufman-Frey, Pastor of Community Mennonite Church in Stouffville, Ontario

"I enjoyed the simple prayers, solidly Biblical, practical advice and nuggets of wisdom throughout this book. The framework is helpful, especially for fledgling writers, but experienced writers will find useful writing exercises here too. This book will simultaneously develop your writing skills and strengthen your faith in a sovereign God."-- Angela Reitsma Bick, editor of Christian Courier

"The authors bring together the two sides of the Christian writer’s life—the study of craft and the study of The Word—in this thoughtful devotional. "--Jayne E. Self, Write! Canada Conference Director

"I am one who never wanted to become a writer. I did not seek it as a career, or even a hobby. God had other plans. And as I explore this plan He has for my life, I become ever more aware of the fact I have much to learn from friends who have diligently pursued the art of wordcraft. My daughter once asked my friend, best-selling author Donna VanLiere, to share her clearest advice for a young writer. Donna gave a simply profound answer echoed throughout the pages of this devotional: 'Write.' What a brilliant concept is found here in the pages of As the Ink Flows! Take the words of the best-selling book of all time, extrapolate examples of classic literary construct, and encourage writers of all kinds (songwriters, bloggers, pastors, and novelists) to recognize the living and moving presence and influence of the King of Kings in their work."-- Author & Lead Teacher for Secret Keeper Girls, Suzy Weibel (with Dannah Gresh), author of My Struggle To Like Me and One Year Devotional for Teen Girls

"I believe this powerful devotional will be of great value for those who want to honor God in everything they do." --Paul Pascoal, Pastor at Gormley Missionary Church, Ontario and author of Missões Transculturais à Porta de Casa(Cross-Cultural Missions At Your Front Door)

“Whether beginners or seasoned pros, writers and speakers of all types will find inspiration and gentle encouragement within the pages of As the Ink Flows. It’s a breath of fresh air for the creative soul!” —Carla Laureano, RITA® Award Winning Author

As the Ink Flows is a unique book that will inspire writers with thoughtful devotions and challenge them to think more deeply about their craft and their Creator. I like the variety of topics that were chosen and the wisdom the authors shared. Writers will especially appreciate the reflection sections and prompts that give them space to process  what they’ve read. I highly recommend this book to all writers who are looking for encouragement and inspiration.” —Carrie Turansky, award-winning author of A Refuge at Highland Hall and Surrendered Hearts 

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