Church on Purpose
Format: Paperback
Book Code: J225
Pages: 160
Size: 6" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817017569
PubDate: 2015

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This collection offers “one big idea” from each of an array of emerging Christian leaders who are invested in addressing some of the concerns of today’s church. The contributors share insights from their generational and vocational perspectives, critically engage in dialogue, and debate the traditional models of ministry and leadership. While appreciating what they have inherited, the authors display their faith in congregations’ ability to change and adapt.

Topics include:

  • Discipleship issues such as Sunday school, Intergenerational worship settings, & evangelism
  • Redefinition of community through strategic planning, ecumenical partnerships and communication in a larger world
  • And pursuit of justice through inclusion of the poor and the prisoner

Recognizing the generational shift within congregations across the country and anticipating areas of church life that require attention or reform, this volume offers possibilities for new directions within Christian communities.

Key features:

·   Challenges the church to consider alternative ways to doing church in order to strengthen and grow congregations

·   Offers practical strategies that address key areas of congregational health

·   Explores the core themes of community, discipleship, and justice with emerging Christian leaders of diverse denominations, generations and vocations

Editorial Reviews:

“Church on Purpose brings many previously unheard voices into the public conversation. Bond and Cheifetz have offered the church and church leaders a gift:  the powerful insights of younger, emerging leaders about ministry. The persistence of hope as a theme for the authors is striking, given the challenge of ministry today.  The themes of Community, Discipleship, and Justice fit the times and inform the discussion in helpful ways. Those who seek to keep abreast of developments in current thought are well-served by this work.”  —Cynthia Holder Rich, Pastor and Head of Staff, First Presbyterian Church, Findlay, Ohio

“The words offered by these contributing writers should resonate with all of us who have loved, will love, and continue to love the mission, vision, and relevance of the church. The concern with which they write is palpable. The questions asked are simple, yet profound enough to jar our capacity to imagine—or as one writer in the book says, to ‘dream about a new way of being church.’ The intentionality and practicality of this resource is useful for all who ‘are intent upon thinking and praying with the church about its future’ (from the Preface).” —Rev. Nannette E. Banks, Director of Alumni/ae and Church Relations, McCormick Theological Seminary

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