The Pastoral Caregiver's Casebook Vol 1
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Pages: 128
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ISBN: 9780817017590
PubDate: 2015

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Table of Contents

This new series is an essential resource for chaplains, pastoral counselors, and other pastoral caregivers. Each volume features a concise collection of actual ministry encounters and brief critical reflections on those encounters by the practitioner and his or her peers. Great for new and seasoned ministers seeking best practices and lessons learned. Use for personal enrichment as well as for training and educating the next generation of pastoral caregivers. Volume 1 features ministry encounters focused on relationships with self, others, and God.

Key features:

·  First-hand accounts of actual pastoral/spiritual care cases

·  Simple four-part format: central issue identifier, circumstance and spiritual care approach, approach analysis, and applicable background information & literature citations offers ease-of-use for pastors, lay leaders, and educators

·  A situational effectiveness rating for ease of case evaluation

Editorial Reviews:

“Pastoral care providers face a vast array of situations with many complexities.  Use of The Pastoral Caregiver’s Casebook series will provide opportunities to grow in this vital ministry skill.  Reading various case studies from providers, who don’t always get it right, helps all caregivers improve the quality of spiritual support in order to better meet the individual’s needs.”—Rev. Joan C. Friesen, Executive Minister, American Baptist Churches of Greater Indianapolis

“The Pastoral Caregiver's Casebook, Volume 1, is an amazing little book with a brilliant concept. Share a vignette, offer a piece of reflection, and let it simmer like a devotional guide. The collection is positive. The reflections are balanced between “I did well” and “I could have done better.” The topics are broad but the selections are brief. This first volume (of a series of four) focuses on relationships. The volume is broken into three sections: Interpersonal, Intrapersonal, and Ultimate. It touches the entire human experience. 

“Daily I find myself engaged in conversations with others: CPE students and staff chaplains, patients and family members, administrators and colleagues. After some of those conversations, I find myself in intense dialogue with myself about the what and why of those encounters. That often pushes me to have a conversation with or about the ultimate reality of life. This collection of vignettes allows me to realize that I am not alone in that process. This volume can be a companion piece to any verbatim seminar or used as an educational resource on its own. I would recommend it as an addition to any pastoral and spiritual care library.” —Rev. Dr. David C. Johnson, BCC, President, Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.

“John Gleason has put together a broad collection of case studies in this first volume of The Pastoral Caregiver’s Casebook. Divided into three sections, “Ministry in Interpersonal Relationships,” “Ministry in Intrapersonal Relationships,” and “Ministry in Ultimate Relationships,” this book is well organized as an excellent reference resource. Gleason has taken the time to identify the most common relationship ministry issues found in pastoral caregiving, making it easy to find case studies related to specific issues.

                “Particularly helpful is how Gleason presents the case study with the practitioner’s own reflections and suggestions for improving upon the pastoral encounter. Included with most cases is also a brief bibliography of resources to provide additional background reading should the reader desire to do more study.

                “This book has the potential to be a valuable resource for students of pastoral care as well as for professionals who are looking for case studies to discuss. A book for both the beginning pastoral caregiver as well as the more experienced one, The Pastoral Caregiver’s Casebook is well worth the read.” —Rev. Joy Freeman, , BCC, Assistant Chaplain, North Kansas City Hospital

“Pastoral caregivers sometimes wonder how to respond in difficult situations.  Dr. John Gleason has compiled a series of new and wonderfully helpful casebooks of short, real-life ministry encounters, with a critical reflection on each encounter in which the caregiver considers what would be best practice and most appropriate.  At the end of many of the reflections is a listing of 1-3 resources for further reading.  Dr. Gleason is an American Baptist Churches USA ordained minister who has served as pastor, clinical chaplain, educator, and missionary, and who brings the wisdom of his experience to this excellent compilation.  I heartily recommend this series of casebooks to chaplains, counselors, caregivers and all who serve people in hard circumstances.” —Rev. Vance L. Drum, DMin, Director of Chaplaincy Operations, Texas Department of Criminal Justice

“The pastoral experience and professional expertise of John [Jack] Gleason, DMin, provide the reader of The Pastoral Caregiver’s Casebook an insightful selection of pastoral encounters in interpersonal, intrapersonal, and ultimate relationships. I am glad that, as the first of a four volume series, this foundational text is grounded in relationships, the heart of pastoral ministry. I highly recommend this casebook, with its stories which are relevant and realistic in content and context. The scope and diversity of represented pastoral care situations create a rich texture for personal self-reflection, pastoral application, and educational purposes. I look forward to integrating samples from this casebook into my practice as an ACPE supervisor in CPE group and individual supervision settings. Commentary following case presentations and inclusion of recommended resources support pastoral development of best practices by assessment of actions, self-reflection on strengths and growth edges, and consideration of new options. — Rev. Greta A. Wagner, Director, Pastoral Care and CPE, ACPE Supervisor

“John Gleason has done a masterful job in collecting and editing more than 50 real-world pastoral care cases from pastoral practitioners. The book’s three sections highlight interpersonal, intrapersonal, and ultimate ministry relationship cases. The case approach presents a description of the situation, the care offered, and the caregiver’s self-evaluation of the care. Particularly helpful is the case content analysis of words and phrases that show pastoral care effectiveness and which can become the basis for measuring ministry effectiveness and professionalism of our discipline. Pastoral caregivers can benefit from effective and successful cases, but perhaps even more so from those that in retrospect were less effective.

“I highly recommended this text as a cornerstone for the library of any seminarian or CPE student interested in learning what ministry in the real world looks like and how to provide quality care in diverse situations. Experienced caregivers can also use this text as continuing education to keep them current in field work and as a format to follow for their own self-supervision.” —Rev. Dr. Jan McCormack, BCC, PCE, ACPE Supervisory Candidate Director, Chaplaincy and Pastoral Care Programs, Denver Seminary

“Dr. John ‘Jack’ Gleason provides an insightful resource for clinical pastoral education students, seminarians, pastoral care practitioners, and healthcare administrators. These real-life pastoral care experiences provide guidance and wisdom for addressing difficult situations. In this first volume, Dr. Gleason focuses on relationships . This is a must-read for anyone who seeks to enhance relationships with self, others, and God.” —Laura Miraz, PhD, SPHR, Director of American Baptist Chaplaincy and Pastoral Counseling Ministries, American Baptist Home Mission Societies

“The first two volumes of The Pastoral Caregiver’s Casebook are simple, yet profound and practical. They are simple in that the case studies are brief and straightforward accounts of pastoral care in various critical situations. They are profound in that the reader is brought alongside a wide range of pastoral encounters, with access to thoughtful critiques by the practitioners who provided the care. Edited by veteran pastor, chaplain, CPE supervisor, and author John Gleason, these volumes are also amazingly practical in that they include examples of pastoral care in many different human dilemmas, titled by the central issue in each scenario. The Pastoral Caregiver’s Casebook will be a unique resource for seminarians, CPE students, clergy, and lay caregiver groups in churches, all striving toward best practices in pastoral care.” —Rev. James L. Travis, PhD, Clinical Professor Emeritus (Pastoral Care), Duke Divinity School, CPE Supervisor Emeritus, The Association for Clinical Pastoral Education, Inc.

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