What's Your Function?
Format: Paperback
Book Code: J219
ISBN: 9780817017507
PubDate: 2014

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Just as each tool in a toolbox or each ingredient in a recipe serves a purpose, God built you with a special function to fulfill in the world. In this new book from the author of Help Wanted: Devotions for Job Seekers (Judson Press),What’s Your Function? offers three key components, three pieces of PIE, for discerning the career that fulfills your function:

  • Purpose—what you were born to do
  • Inspiration—what you love to do
  • Earnings—how you can make a living

This compact resource:

  • Helps you identify innate skills and passions that reveal your purpose
  • Guides you in matching your purpose with a variety of career directions
  • Provides interactive, easy-to-use tools for creating a career plan

Great for students, young adults, and people facing career transitions, What’s Your Function? will help you live out your purpose and begin a career of fulfillment and impact.

Features Purpose Finder, an in-depth assessment to help identify God’s fingerprints in your life and pinpoint the role God has for you in the Kingdom and in the greater world.

Editorial Reviews:

“We have all wondered what our purpose is at some point. This book not only gives you the tools you need to start answering that question, but it does so in a highly engaging way. The stories, metaphors, and charts of knowledge really stick with you long after you put the book down. With Aaron Basko’s years of experience helping others find their calling, I am thankful he is the one writing this book.” —Andrew Noe, Director of Faithways Academy and Ministry Team Coordinator, Georgetown College

“Discovering one’s career path or life’s work is a time of searching and, for some, a time of questioning or of frustration. Aaron, in his book, has presented a way to guide us through this process with his PIE principle example. Knowing one’s function and knowing what God has created us to do will be clearer as we follow the advice from this book.”--Carl Campbell, Director of Career Guidance, Wycliffe USA

"What’s Your Function? is a great book for anyone that is at an impasse in their life or career and is looking for a little direction and even hope. Figuring out the individual’s function can help people discover answers that they may not have even realized that they were seeking in the first place, which is where this book comes in perfectly. There is much to be taken from Basko’s book and the open format allows for the reader to take each lesson to a spiritual, professional or personal level at their own pace.—as reviewed on www.luxuringreading.com



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