Fostering Faith
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Pages: 144
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ISBN: 9780817017491
PubDate: 2014

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Inspired by an expressed need of Christian education leaders, Fostering Faith reaches far beyond the Sunday school hour or Wednesday evening Bible study. It proposes a shift from education as “schooling” with a goal to increase the learners’ knowledge, to a holistic model of education as transformation, which equips and empowers Christian disciples for ministry. Valuable for clergy, lay leaders, and education ministry members, Fostering Faith seeks to strengthen the vital role teachers play in the church and in the world as learners and disciples themselves.

Key features:

  • Highlights the notion that answers are less the goal of education than discerning and exploring the questions.
  • Presents dual perspectives of teaching—as formal ministry in the church and as an organic process as congregations live out their mission.
  • Contains practical appendices with adaptable resources for Christian education committees and teachers.

Editorial Reviews:

Fostering Faith is an insightful introduction to congregational education in the Christian tradition. This work shares wisdom from three seasoned practitioners who envision renewed Christian education for local churches. Great appendices, such as a “Triage Worksheet,” are provided to guide laity and clergy alike in a creative traffic circle of possibilities for effective educational ministry in various settings.”  —Robert W. Pazmiño, Valeria Stone Professor of Christian Education, Andover Newton Theological School

“These three authors have combined their tremendous wealth of knowledge and passion for teaching to remind us all that Christian education is about more than Sunday school; it is about the transformational work of God in our lives.  Perfect for pastors, education committees or teams, and any person of faith concerned with the education of God’s people, this work beautifully weaves the very practical with the deeply theological. The result is a book that easily inspires all to think again about faith formation and empower folks to strengthen the foundation of the church’s educational work.” –Rev. Laurie Taylor Weicher, Pastor for Education and Discipleship at Wayne Presbyterian Church

“With literary creativity, simplicity and profoundness, the authors of this practical resource have provided fresh insights to familiar training in educational ministry.  Emerging from the stance of a passion for teaching, the book is a hands-on tool and reference for persons seeking to invite new life into and re-energize their church through teaching and learning.  This is a "must read" for pastors, Christian Education leadership teams, teachers and others who take seriously the faith formation of God's people. ”—Mary Young, Assistant Professor of Christian Education & Director of the Master of Arts in Christian Education, Virginia Union University

“Congregations engage in teaching to deepen the faith and ministry of the faithful. Teaching invites us into God’s presence and into God’s dream for the communities in which we live.  Thanks, in fact, abundant thanks, to Denise Janssen, Sallie Verner, and Diane Janssen Hemmen for their gift to the church. If you are an educator, a pastor, or a teacher and want to know how to improve your teaching ministry, this is the book for you. It offers directions for why we teach. It provides concrete resources to assist us in organizing teaching. Indeed, it is the ONE book you need to enhance the faithfulness of your teaching ministry.  An amazingly useful book!” --Jack Seymour, Professor of Religious Education, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary, and Editor, RELIGIOUS EDUCATION   

“If all you got from Fostering Faith was the 21-item appendix, it would be worth the price. But the authors have created a book that sets practical help and useful tools in the broader context of church education and that explores the vitally important way that teachers participate in that transformative work. A slim volume, it nevertheless packs a big punch and should be on the must-read list for any Christian Education committee or task group seeking to understand their role in exploring educational opportunities and supporting those who teach.” —Ann Thomas Knox, Director, Instructional Resource Center, Morton Library, Union Presbyterian Seminary

“This book provides a practical approach to the teaching ministry geared toward the church context. The practical resources and tools included are a benefit to the leader. Two topics covered are equipping and nurturing teachers, which are critical in the teaching ministry. Wonderful teacher training manual!” —Dawn R. Morton, Associate Dean for Institutional Assessment; Assistant Professor for Christian Formation and Leadership, Ashland Theological Seminary

“This resource provides a concise overview of the ministry of Christian education while making the biblical and theological connections evident. When new leaders in faith formation are chosen, they should receive a copy of this user-friendly, easily accessible primer on the ministry to which they have been called. They are sure to find it invaluable in understanding and executing their leadership role.” —Carol F. Krau, Ph.D., Director of Christian Formation and Discipleship at Discipleship Ministries (UMC)

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