Spiritual Navigation for the 21st Century: Sermosn from Walter Thomas-DIY-whole book
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These inspiring sermons focus on the spiritual priorities of today's Christians at the dawn of a new century. Offering illustrations and examples drawn from an inner-city ministry, each of Thomas's sermons contains helpful sections on the promise, potential pitfalls, and preparations for the new millennium.

From discarding irrational fears to restoring integrity in our interpersonal relationships to maintaining our faith in the promises and power of God, pastor Walter Thomas provides a wealth of sound, well-reasoned, Scripture-based responses that will guide readers through the real as well as imagined trials and tribulations of the new millennium.

Full of timely and accessible wisdom, Spiritual Navigation for the 21st Century can be used as a personal or family devotional, Bible study guide, or even a "spiritual survival" manual to keep handy in a briefcase or glove compartment.

Clergy will find this book to be a valuable source of inspiration and information for use in Bible studies, sermon preparation, and counseling sessions.

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