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Interracial Christian couples challenge their families and churches to rethink previously held concepts about race relations in America. Just Don't Marry One aims to help both seekers and leaders understand the unique dynamics surrounding multiracial families. Written from a biblical perspective by authors of various racial identities and multiracial backgrounds, this groundbreaking work weaves together the personal and professional perspectives of racially diverse Christian leaders as they confront this emotionally charged issue. This pioneering guide seeks to affirm healthy interracial dating, mating, and parenting for the individuals involved, and to create a reference to equip professionals with biblical insights and practical tools for ministering to multiracial familes.

Whether you are a pastor, professor, student, or counselor, or you are yourself involved in an interracial relationship or family, Just Don't Marry One will open your eyes and serve as a compass as you navigate the uncharted waters surrounding multiracial familes.

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