This thought-provoking challenge to African American churches presents a fresh view of the black family. Dr. Smith establishes the black-extended-family concept as a viable way to think through liberation for African American people. Pastors and concerned lay leaders are urged to shape their church's witness around the family model--"Mission work can be effectively accomplished when it is thought of as families within the church reaching out to one another and as the church family reaching out to families of the community and the world."

Through a detailed study of African American family origins and factors affecting family structure, Smith proves he has his finger on the pulise of black family life today. His innovative ideas for rethinking Christian education are based on a deep appreciation for the subtle differences that help to define the black family system.

Goals for a holistic program of African American family enrichment face the realities of today's needs--education, employment, housing, healthcare, and personal identity. Dr. Smith's sample curriculum for young adults illustrates how suitable Christian education resources can be developed. The six sessions are designed to heighten self-image and enhance family enrichment.

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