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This valuable resource shares stories about experiences of Asian North American Christians as they are shaped by and claim their identity within their rich Asian religious and cultural heritage. Readers will be met in the real places of life and will be encouraged to live with faith and understanding. Congregations will be helped to preach, teach, and minister with increased relevance and meaning.

Contributors to the book are North Americans whose national heritages represent East Asian cultures: Chinese, Japanese, and Korean. Various religious and cultural perspectives are brought into dialogue with the Christian faith in the belief that the church today, including its Asian North American congregations, can benefit from a dialogue between culture and faith.

Each chapter begins with a story followed by questions, analysis, and an invitation for readers to join the contributor "on the way" by thinking of similar stories and situations from their own experiences, by observing the ways gospel and culture interact in these instances, and by considering how they themselves would deal with the issue.

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