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"A wall of silence existed between Abram and me for a quite a while after that." And so begins the fascinating, previously untold story of Abram's wife Sarah, Mother of Nations, as told by author Rosanne Gartner. A professional storyteller, Gartner captures the emotions and thoughts of ten women of the Bible in this series of first-person testimonies written from the vantage point of women, including Rebekah, Rachel, Leah, Mary, and Bathsheba, who have played an important role in the plan God has for his people.

Learn about Naomi's road to redemption or how Martha might have felt when she was touched by the Savior. These first-person monologues will helpyou become intimately familiar with each woman's soul, circumstances, and responses to God. Incorporating the culture these women came from, the stories of Meet Bathsheba bring a sophicated, inspirational, and educational message to today's turbulent world with poignant and relevant insights.

Meet Bathsheba is perfect for

Sunday School
Vacation Bible School
women's discussion and study groups and
church dramas.

The author offers tips for presenters on everything from knowing your material and choosing the best setting to costuming, using a microphone, and simply being prepared.

The PDF from Meet Bathsheba is about the Woman at the Well, an encounter at Samaria.

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