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Thousands of churches over the last decade have made regular use of Litanies for All Occasions. Now, due to popular demand, author Garth House has provided over fifty new, artfully written litanies in this second volume. More Litanies for All Occasions addresses the seasons of the church year, including Lent and Advent, as well as the various circumstances your church may face. This creative worship aid includes litanies on grief, reconciliation, thanksgiving, and times of change, as well as litanies for such occasions as marriage and church anniversaries.

Editorial Reviews:


"Couched in the language and imagery of biblical fiath, these litanies usher a fresh breeze into worship. Written out of his own deep Christian faith, Garth House has made a liturgical contribution to the experience of corporate worship. He gives pastors and congregations a tongue to break forth into beauteous biblical language for the worship of Almight God." --Carl H. Brown, pastor emeritus, The University Baptist Church, Columbus, Ohio

"My community of faith will use these litanies in our worship immediately and for years to come. I especially love the litanies offered for the seasons of life which help us embrace family celebrations, help us to face personal and national tragedies, and help us through the tough transitions of our faith journeys." --Tim Aherns, senior minister, First Congregational United Church of Christ, Columbus, Ohio

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