Youth Ministry in the Black Church
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PubDate: 2013

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Inspiring hope in and on behalf of our youth!

Faith and failure, triumph and travail, hope and hard questions—this is the complex mix facing youth ministry leaders in the black church today.

[A] lot of kids out there … have a sense of being overwhelmed by circumstances and situations that they have no control over…. So, we have to do something to help transform that reality. They can’t do it by themselves. I see a lot of hope in our youth. And, I have a lot of hope for them.... We’ve got a huge opportunity. We need to take it! —Brent, a youth leader

Youth Ministry in the Black Church: Centered in Hope is the bridge between youth leaders’ desire for holistic and relevant ministry and the hope-centered leadership necessary to make it happen. Wimberly, Barnes and Johnson recognize the challenges of youth ministry and offer effective strategies in three key areas:

·         Ministry leadership

·         Ministry programs

·         Congregational support

Using Scripture, case illustrations, anecdotes, best practices, and reflection points, this resource is practical and beneficial for leaders, pastors and parents. Youth Ministry in the Black Church: Centered in Hope is sure to renew the vision and promise of youth ministry in churches.


Editorial Reviews:

"Yet another important resource for professors, youth ministry leaders, and Christian education directors!"—Religious Education Association, June 2013

"Committed youth advocates Wimberly, Barnes, and Johnson offer a passionate, timely, valuable, and interactive resource centered in hope. Through the Vision Quest Research Project, the authors provide relevant personal stories, thoughtful reflective exercises, and best practices of hope-centered youth ministry occurring in thirty-one black congregations across the United States. This book is a much welcomed and important addition to ministry studies focused on the black church. Youth leaders, Christian educators, pastors, undergraduate and graduate students in youth ministry, as well those passionate about ministry with black youth should read this book."—Rev. Richelle B. White, PhD, Associate Professor of Youth Ministry, Director of Youth Ministry Field Practicum, Kuyper College

"When it comes to youth ministry, there are basic principles that transcend culture, ethnicity, and even international borders. Also needed, however, is the “backstory” of faith and failure, triumph and travail, hope and hard questions—the complex mix facing youth ministry leaders in the black church today. Coming from extensive conversations with youth ministry leaders in black churches, the authors weave a narrative that answers the real-life questions that African American seminarians ask when they come in from serving churches on the weekends." —Dr. R. Allen Jackson, New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary

"In the complexities of the twenty-first century, the challenges facing the black church require ever more sophisticated tools and approaches for engaging with black youth. The importance of youth ministry within the black church in the United States has acquired even greater importance as the means by which youth can be nurtured within the formational, emancipatory power of black Christian faith. Youth Ministry in the Black Church brings together the combined talents of the authors, whose expertise spans the interdisciplinary areas of Christian education, the social sciences, and practical youth ministries. This text provides a comprehensive overview of youth ministry, offering a rich panoply of resources and research findings that will be of great assistance to all who are interested in supporting and empowering black youth in these complex and challenging times." —Anthony G. Reddie, PhD, Editor of Black Theology: An International Journal, and Author, SCM Core Text: Black Theology

Never to disappoint, Wimberly and her colleagues offer a multitextured understanding of youth ministry in the black church as hope-centered in its adult leadership, congregational support, and practices with teenagers. This resource is clear, concrete, and challenging to youth ministry leaders who are called to “foster a future of hope” with black youth. —Evelyn L. Parker, PhD, Associate Professor of Practical Theology, Perkins School of Theology, Southern Methodist University

Empowering hope-filled youth ministries is the gift of this amazing and concrete book, Youth Ministry in the Black Church. Through ethnographic research, the authors share the realities that make a difference in the lives of youth and congregations. Quotations from across the US bring these realities to life. Assessment and planning activities assist the reader to critically reflect on her or his ministry and explore God’s hope in practice. The book’s focus on “village power” is an added blessing. We all have a responsibility to teach, nurture, invite, and empower youth to live, as the authors’ say, the “God thing” emerging in our lives. Read this book and engage transcending hope. —Jack L Seymour, Professor of Religious Education, Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary; Editor, RELIGIOUS EDUCATION

“This book is an amazing combination of ethnographic and interview research, presented in captivating prose and practical directions for youth ministry in the black church. The book offers wisdom about the church as it is—rich with the words and visions of youth and of leaders in youth ministry. It also offers visions for a ministry still unfolding, complete with hope-filled images, biblical and theological moorings, graphic pictures of holistic ministry, and practical tools. Rarely does one book provide data, interpretation, and guides for action, but this one does. It will be invaluable to leaders in youth ministry for a long time to come.” —Mary Elizabeth Moore, Dean and Professor of Theology and Education, Boston University School of Theology


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