Preaching Funerals in the Black Church
Format: Paperback
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Pages: 144
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ISBN: 9780817017354
PubDate: 2013

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Table of Contents

A Glance Inside: Introduction

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“What I propose here is a new approach to preaching funerals,” pastor,  scholar, and author Peter Wherry explains, an approach that is pastoral, holistic, and healing.” In this new book, pastors and preachers will discover more than conventional homiletics theory about mechanics and methodology. In it, the author envisions anew the content of preaching in the shadow of death. Learn to transform the moment into an incarnational engagement between the grieving individuals and the risen Christ.

Chapters include practical wisdom about:

  • How "preaching" begins long before the funeral service starts
  • Embracing the funeral as a teachable moment
  • How to make the most of sermon structure in funeral preaching

Features sample sermons from:

  • Claude R. Alexander Jr.
  • Brad Braxton
  • Nathan Dell
  • Debra Haggins
  • Toney L. McNair Jr.
  • Gregory K. Moss
  • Peter M. Wherry
  • Mary H. Young

Intended both for seminarians and scholars as well as for pastors who crave an accessible but substantial resource for priming the pump for preaching when the burden of grief and the busyness of ministry cause inspiration to run dry.

Editorial Reviews:

"Dr. Wherry offers practical wisdom that comes from a wealth of personal experience and tacit knowledge. He emphasizes the pastor’s personal faith, belief in the resurrection, and God’s personal presence during the pastor’s own existential experiences with death as keys for moving the sermon from an academic exercise to a moment of faith for people. Part one of the text presents five clear and succinct chapters of shared wisdom in the form of advice, stories, examples, and plans. Part two provides nine examples of funeral sermons from prominent pastors who model Wherry's principles. This provides a rich resource for understanding the pastor’s theological perspective on death and dying. The volume best serves young and novice pastors to navigate some of the more heart breaking moments in pastoral care."—Dr. Tim Sensing, PhD Abilene Christian University. Read the entire review here.

"Most homiletics textbooks dive quickly into the mechanics of preaching—but not Dr. Peter Wherry's book, Preaching Funerals In the Black Church: Bringing Perspective to Pain. Instead, Dr. Wherry becomes an advocate for soul doctors (pastors of the heart). In this scholarly work, he unabashedly invites preachers back to the most important work of the pastor: ministering to broken hearts and lives. Dr. Wherry makes it clear that funeral sermons, eulogies, are an "incarnational engagement between grieving persons and the risen Christ" that results more from good bedside manner than good theological training.

With the surgical precision of a professional soul doctor trained at the seminary, the funeral home, and the bedside of hundreds of dying or bereaved parishioners, Dr. Wherry cuts to the heart of preparing funeral sermons—which is knowing the heart of those who have suffered loss by being present, patient, and observant. Then and only then is the soul doctor prepared to write a prescription for grieving families from the Word of God. As a practitioner, Dr. Wherry not only gives vital instructions for preparing to develop the eulogy, but practical methods in developing, writing, and delivering the funeral message. He closes this unique preaching text with powerful models from his own pulpit and other great preachers. This is a must read in an age when preachers are prone to be more concerned with the glory than walking with people through grief. I highly recommend this book."——Dr. Roland J. Hill, Stewardship & Wealth Creation Consultant, Total Life Stewardship Ministries

"One of the most valuable things I gained from reading this book is the necessary preparation beforehand. Visiting with the family helps you gain a certain insight as to the state of mind and the family structure, which gives you insight as to how to proceed. Next, presence matters. Don't take for granted what you presence can mean to a hurting family. Last but not least, still preach a message of hope from the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This type book is hard to find on anyone's shelf. There should be more like it!"—Sharon Hunt, Judson Press customer




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