To Serve This Present Age
Format: Paperback
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Pages: 128
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817017286
PubDate: 2013

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The African American church has a charge to keep.


  • Reviews the history of the black church’s social justice contributions and leadership
  • Establishes today’s need for justice ministries in the congregation and community
  • Spotlights real-life ministries and initiatives
  • Provides sample training manual materials

At a time when the African American church is increasingly associated with the controversial prosperity gospel, pastors Danielle Ayers and Reginald Williams remind black church leaders of the prophetic call to “do justice.” Exploring first the biblical foundations for justice work that goes beyond charity, the authors also recall the storied history of the black church’s leadership in the Civil Rights Movement. From there, this practical resource establishes the contemporary need for justice ministries in the congregation and the community. From initiatives of care and education to programs of action and collaboration, discover the transforming impact the church can have on society, culture, and community through diverse social justice ministries. Features Spotlights on real-life ministries and initiatives, as well as two training manual sections, “Doing Justice” and “Our Vote.”

Editorial Reviews:

"Ayers and Williams are prophetic practitioners of the 'Charge' they have issued and this challenging 'charge' reflects their brilliant and passionate commitment to 'speaking truth to power' while empowering the powerless and addressing issues of injustice. This 'wake up call' to the church and all people of principle is practically helpful and insightfully inspirational. It comes from the well of wisdom born out of their respective experiences on the front lines as they have taken the gospel from the sanctuary to the streets and to corporate suites challenging institutional iniquity and structural sin." --Frederick Douglass Haynes III, senior pastor, Friendship-West Baptist Church, Dallas, Texas and author of Soul Fitness with Frederick D. Haynes III

"Ayers and Williams have creatively woven and penned their personal convictions, theological reflections, and ministry experiences into an educational and practical resource for clergy and lay leaders." --Iva E. Carruthers, PhD, General Secretary, Samuel DeWitt Proctor Conference


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