Learning Mission, Living Mission
Format: Paperback
Book Code: J196
Pages: 144
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817017255
PubDate: 2012

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This fourth volume in the “Living Church” series responds to the needs expressed by today’s church leaders for community focused ministry. Taking the principles of missional church theorists, ministry practitioner Glynis LaBarre engages local congregations in the Missional Church Learning Experience (MCLE), a model she developed and tested with hundreds of small to mid-sized churches.  This “learn by doing” process guides pastors and lay leaders through practical steps, leading to partnerships with their community, addressing local problems.  This missional approach succeeds in:

  • Bringing the gospel of Jesus Christ alive in neighborhoods
  • Building disciples for both the community and church
  • Bringing churches together with others in the area to learn from and encourage one another

Learning Mission, Living Mission brings missional principles to life with stories of actual ministry practice and quotes from participants in the MCLE.  This exciting and practical guide encourages transformation not only for church leaders and congregations, but also their communities.

Editorial Reviews:

"What I particularly like about what Glynis is doing is that she gives you the tools to shape a mission engagement that is yours, that comes out of your people and their lives. Her Missional Church Learning Experience model starts not with some plan to make you into the cookie-cutter replica of someone else's success story. Rather, it begins with where you are and makes it possible for your church to become the best version of itself, for the benefit of your congregation and of your community." —Dr. Alan J. Roxburgh, Director, The Missional Network

"Discover an author who believes what she writes and practices what she preaches. Glynis has engaged a cornucopia of congregations in missional hands-on ministry and has generously shared her teachings and learnings with us."—C. Jeff Woods

"A powerful, practical toolkit for churches on a missional journey! Glynis offers clarity of mission and challenge as we face the future as people of faith. She combines this with the impact of community and the power of the coach approach! Certainly a roadmap and compass for those willing to face the future with a deepening desire to be on mission with God in a rapidly changing world. A treasure that can transform all those who live into its message."  —Edward Hammett, Author of Making Shifts Without Making Waves, Church & Clergy Coach for Cooperative Baptist Fellowship of North Carolina

“In the midst of all the conversation and activity relating to the idea of the missional church, the task of actually equipping local congregations to live into their missional vocation remains challenging. In Learning Mission, Living Mission, Glynis LaBarre has provided an eminently practical guide to this process, rooted in the experience of real communities that have been transformed by the Missional Church Learning Experience described in these pages. Follow along with this book and join the missional revolution.” --John R. Franke, General Coordinator, The Gospel and Our Culture Network

"This is a must read book for any church leader who wants to make a real difference in their local communities in these troubled times.  Glynis LaBarre takes the reader on tour of the growing number of churches that are discovering how to impact the communities where they are planted. Learning Mission, Living Mission is the best resource I have seen to enable your congregation to join churches all over the country who are discovering creative new ways they can have a real impact in their community in times like these." —Tom Sine, Mustard Seed Associates, author of The  New Conspirators: Creating the Future One Mustard Seed at a Time

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