The Unofficial Baptist Handbook
Format: Paperback
Book Code: J193
Pages: 172
Size: 5" x 8"
ISBN: 9780817017217
PubDate: 2012

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A light-hearted guide for the uninformed, the newly converted, and the forgetful!

With a sense of humor and a deep respect for the diverse expressions of Baptist faith and life, The Unofficial Baptist Handbook explores matters related to Scripture, to church life, and to Baptist identity. Author Lora-Ellen McKinney writes as one who has grown up in the Baptist church and loves it, with all of its quirks and charms. She answers:

  • What makes a church Baptist?
  • How do you become a member of a Baptist church?
  • Who are some famous Baptists in history?
  • What contributions have Baptists made to American life?
  • How many kinds of Baptists are there anyway?

Perfect for those who are new to the Baptist tradition—and educational and entertaining for those who aren’t so new but still have much to remember and learn.

Editorial Reviews:

"Lora-Ellen McKinney has provided a delightful and entertaining work. This is a useful and worthwhile 'Baptist Handbook' that will help many in the future who want to learn about Baptist history and practice. It would be instructive for new Christians who decide to become Baptists and also beneficial for longtime Baptists. It is more than worth the reasonable price to be paid.--Jerry Hopkins, Professor of history at East Texas Baptist University, Marshall, Texas

"In an age of 'how-to' and 'self-help' publications, The Unofficial Baptist Handbook offers a creative blend of understanding faith and learning God's truth. For the curious, "What Kind of Baptist Are You" and the "Baptist Fact Test" may take the reader back to the drawing board. For those with a personal interest in "How to Understand God: The Three-in-One (Trinity)," "Making and Keeping the Church Green" or "Getting to Know Your Pastor," the reader will score high grades. However you express your faith, The Unofficial Baptist Handbook offers conventional wisdom, practical insights and a wealth of literary enjoyment."--Cheryl Barber, Director of Development, Baptist Children's Services


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