Intended mainly for worship leaders and pastors but also for those in the pews who care about the quality of worship, Reinventing Sunday explores the purposes and possibilities of the worship experience in ways that inspire people to make worship at their church all that it can be. Author Brad Berglund discusses each element of the worship service in the context of his high vision for worship. He discusses gathering and greeting, praising and singing, praying, scripture reading, preaching, listening, communion, giving and more. Each step of the way, the author offers practical suggestions designed to enable churches to improve their worship experience in terms of quality, creativity and the meaning they draw from it.

Editorial Reviews:

Reinventing Sunday is the book pastors and worship leaders have been waiting for. It is rooted in the historic substance of the faith. . .follows the biblical fourfold pattern. . .and consistently provides helpful and relevant insights in a user-friendly way!” —Robert Webber, Myers Professor of Ministry, Northern Baptist Seminary

“Brad Berglund has captured what I believe is the rock bottom essence of worship.” —Ken Medema, composer, singer, worship leader

“For a brief but current and comprehensive guide for those leading worship, one would be hard put to find anything more accessible and usable than this book.” —Congregations, a journal of the Alban Institute

“Brad Berglund has written an extraordinary book. A man for whom creativity is obviously a part of his soul, he shares ideas that make worship come alive in the local church setting. . .Obviously, this man loves worship and loves people. Every page glows with enthusiasm for life and for his topic. His book, both simple and direct, is a joy to read because of its compactness, clarity and ready applicability.” —Theodorre Donson

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