To Know God  (Complete book)
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Table of Contents and Introduction

Author Michael Gemignani brings the popular concepts of small group fellowship and spiritual formation together in this book designed to help readers develop spiritual disciplines, including:

  • prayer
  • self-denial
  • study
  • meditation
  • personal ministry

Divided into three easy-to-follow parts with instructions for both leaders and participants, To Know God addresses the principles, attitudes, and goals for achieving spiritual growth. Twelve group sessions comprise the heart of this valuable resource.

Editorial Reviews:

“My church implemented this method six months ago. Participants are very responsive and praise the content and thought-provoking questions after each lesson. I like the progression of steps in the spiritual life from the basics to felt intimacy with God. I highly recommend this book for both its material and its method.” —Barbara J. Wells

"Offers 12 flexible, insightful group sessions to help individuals help one another understand and embrace spiritual direction in their lives. Sessions explore such topics as the nature of sin, opening one’s mind to God through meditation, the true meaning of the Crucifixion, and much more. To Know God is very highly recommended not just for spiritual discussion group leaders, but also for anyone ready to do some deep thinking to better understand their relationship with God.” —Midwest Book Review

"The topics in all of the 12 sessions are illuminative in themselves, and they also provide richly provocative material for anyone interested in coordinating a spiritual-formation group. I found the book very fruitful in stimulating ideas for coordinating such a group." —Michael Keller, Nassau Bay, TX (as posted on

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