Read the Table of Contents, Foreword, Preface and an excerpt from Chapter 2, "Encouragement"

A unique testimony to the black church…by two white pastors

Bill Crouch and Joel Gregory share the best practices they have discovered from years of ministry with the black church and relationship with African American Christian leaders. Many of those leaders add their voices to Bill and Joel’s testimony, providing a witness to recognize and celebrate the blessings and wisdom of the black church. Topics include:

  • A legacy of preaching
  • A history of social justice
  • Gifts of encouragement, hospitality, and gratitude
  • A model for mentoring
  • A standard for honoring one’s elders

Among the many featured contributors are:

  • Sheila Bailey
  • Cynthia Hale
  • Donald Hilliard
  • A. Louis Patterson
  • Gina Stewart
  • Ralph Douglas West

This unique resource is sure to inspire, encourage, and enlighten today’s increasingly diverse church leadership.

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