Simply Salsa
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PubDate: 2011

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With a bit of sassiness, a touch of humor, and an amiga-to-amiga style, Simply Salsa encourages women to accept God’s call to dance!

Author Janet Perez Eckles may be the last woman you would expect to dance for joy. She lost her eyesight at age 31, suffered financial devastation, endured infidelity, and faced the incomprehensible anguish of her nineteen-year-old son’s murder and the acquittal of the man responsible. Yet with God’s grace, Janet has learned to dance.

In Simply Salsa she exposes the lies and misconceptions that imprison women with unfounded insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. No matter the degree of adversity or pain, Janet Eckles has discovered an alternative to gloom—through the security that is only found in God’s love.

Janet has written a complimentary study guide to accompany Simply Salsa. Please note that this guide has not been edited or endorsed by Judson Press, but we're happy to make it available for your use.



Editorial Reviews:

"In this book, Simply Salsa: Dancing without Fear at God’s Fiesta, Janet Eckles describes moment after moment in life—her own as well as others’—when busyness, tragedy, fear, guilt, and anxiety drown out the music that Jesus wants to play in our hearts. And again and again, Janet testifies to the power of God to transform those moments of weeping or trembling into a heart-thrilling invitation to dance.

This is a lighthearted and yet profound book that speaks to women at every level—whether wallowing in the mire of self-pity, slogging through never-ending guilt, trying to outrun fear, or just plain missing out on the ecstasy of a dance-filled life. It doesn’t have to be that way—and Simply Salsa was written to help you understand that." —Kathi Macias, award-winning author of more than 30 books including the “Extreme Devotion” novels (New Hope Publishers)

"Few women have experienced a seemingly endless string of tragedies like those that shattered the life of Janet Perez Eckles. But in a lively tone that reflects her vivacious personality, Janet teaches us how to reclaim our joy through biblical principles and real life examples. In reading Simply Salsa and applying the scriptural lessons, every woman whose heart has been broken or whose body has been afflicted by devastating illness will find herself dancing to the music of our Heavenly Father." —Louise M. Gouge, author of At the Captain’s Command

"In an engaging and refreshingly creative style, Simply Salsa addresses the issue of how fear can paralyze women. Each insight unravels the lies behind our fears. With the author’s own life journey and the experiences of other women, Simply Salsa is a guide to finding hope  to overcome any fear. Like talking to a close friend about deep issues, this book is delightfully powerful!" —Nancy Wilson, author, speaker, Global Ambassador for Campus Crusade for Christ/Story Runners.

"Next to my quiet time with the Lord, Janet Perez Eckles’ book Simply Salsa was the highlight of my day. Janet’s love for God, people, and life is vibrant and contagious. She writes with humor and transparency, and her passion is to help the reader move from tragedy to triumph. Janet doesn’t write platitudes from an ivory tower. She writes from her own trauma of losing her eye sight at age 31 and losing her son. She has woven in the stories of other women to help the reader understand the relevance of God’s Word. Janet sprinkles her chapters with words in Spanish which reflect her knowledge and appreciation of her Hispanic background. She follows the words with their English equivalent and includes a glossary at the end of the book. For an uplifting book that bubbles over with hope, humor, and honesty, I highly recommend Simply Salsa." —Yvonne Ortega, author of Finding Hope for Your Journey through Breast Cancer

"Janet Perez Eckles has created an encouraging book for women, particularly Latina chicas. I loved Simply Salsa, however, because it’s just as relevant to us chicas who aren't Latinas. She takes the issues and problems she has overcome through faith in God and shows readers how to cope with and conquer their own obstacles. Janet writes in a conversational manner with a delightful touch of humor" —Susan Titus Osborn, director of The Christian Communicator Manuscript Critique Service and author of 30 books

"I thoroughly enjoyed Simply Salsa! It encourages the reader to let God cut in on her personal dance floor and allow Jesus to take the lead. As a Latina, I appreciated how Janet included cultural expressions and experiences of the Hispanic community. I felt as if she were speaking about people I know. It was encouraging and insightful; more importantly, it gave all the glory and honor to God. It made me laugh, it made me think, it touched my heart.  It is the book to read while having a delicious cafe con leché." —Melissa Brac, Christian Family Mediator and Conflict Resolution Consultant

"As I read Simply Salsa, I immediately felt as if I were sitting in Janet's living room, enjoying a cup of café con leche y azùcar. As a mother who also lost a child at a far-too-young age, I learned from Janet that God equips us with all we need to cope with loss; all we must do is turn to Jesus. Janet demonstrates an amazing easy-going attitude, even though she has experienced these trials in her life. She does not come across as cocky or holier-than-thou, but as a friend who is willing to share her life with me, and help me see there is a better life for me merely by the grace of God. And that is truly a blessing." Mary Wolfram, singer, Bible study leader, church council member, Salem Lutheran Church

“I loved reading Simply Salsa. Janet Perez Eckles is amazingly honest about the tragedies she has dealt with in her own life, and any woman going through difficult times will find this book helpful. But even though it deals with painful subjects, Simply Salsa is a fun book to read. The author writes in a cheerful, friendly style that spoke to me. And while I'm not Latina, I found the Spanish words and phrases easy to understand. I loved Janet's use of analogies and metaphors, such as comparing her spiritual journey with the journey to America and using refreshing phrases like 'high heels of courage.' The book was a comfort to me as I cope with a death in my own family. Reading it was like having someone by my side who understood my feelings but who taught me how to dance in spite of them.”Janet Ann Collins, author

"Simply Salsa  is fantastic. It immediately captured my interest as well as my heart. I found myself laughing, crying, and inspired as I saw life through Janet's eyes. Her courage, perseverance, and faith are truly an encouragement. They are a prompting to lean on the Lord and not on our own understandingto do things God's way, with a forgiving heart. I plan to purchase several copies and pass it on to family and friends." Kristine Stanton, author of the “Morning Prayer” devotionals

"Janet Eckles' Simply Salsa pulsates to the beat of God's heart. With wit and in beautiful Latino metaphors, Janet shows how God leads us to him step by step until dramatic changes take place in our hearts. Janet is a cheerleader, friend, mentor, and example as she helps us say, 'Si to Jesus.' I love Simply Salsa--it is truly a delightful but dig-down-deep book! As I read it, it not only reminded me of my own struggles and pointed me to solutions, but I also kept thinking of women I know who need to read this." Cathy Messecar,author of A Still and Quiet Soul: Embracing Contentment 

Puedo respirar--I can breathe. Janet is an inspiration to everyone she meets, and her book is an extension of her contagious joy. Uniquely qualified to bring positive perspective to perplexing problems, Janet, with her bilingual approach to communicating her passion, is as educational as she is powerful. Read this book, share it with a friend, and remember: We are all sisters in this dance of days, this fiesta called life, this vida de amor." Marnie Swedberg, Mentor to Super Busy Women,

"With biblical insight, rare sensitivity, appropriate humor, and Latina wit, Simply Salsa: Dancing without Fear at God’s Fiesta will help you to know God’s perfect love in the quagmire of tragic circumstances. Janet Eckles, through her physical blindness, has given us an uncanny spiritual vision into God’s redemptive love in a fallen world." Lorilyn Roberts, author, founder of the John 316 Marketing Network

"Simply Salsa takes a refreshing look at the Christ-life—with a unique Latina flair. Authenticity drives this project, whose author shares her wisdom through real-life stories with a sprinkling of Spanish (translations provided)...Reader-focused questions and challenges enhance the book’s conversational feel. The author’s gentle humor and transparency allow readers to learn and laugh without finger-pointing or lectures." Marti Pieper, Book Doctor/Writer/Editor

 “Janet Perez Eckles’  masterful storytelling is truly a gift that God is using to change people’s lives! With humor, wit, and a few tears, listeners will easily connect with Janet’s message of hope and forgiveness on an intimate level. Janet’s story is one of so many women today as her amazing life’s episodes strike a chord with a broad range of listeners.  Her profound insights speak to common issues that people struggle with on a daily basis. From depression and fear, to insecurity, loss and anxiety … and ultimately the peace and freedom found solely in Jesus Christ.” Matt Bendell, Senior Producer, The Lighthouse Report, Campus Crusade for Christ

"A delightful book about sorrow?  How can that be?  It is because of Janet's unique way of looking at life and its experiences...This is not a just-women book.  It is a book for anyone who has experienced pain in their life--who hasn't?  I highly recommend this book.  It is light reading with enough humor to help you learn the lessons." from the blog Bookmama, 10/3/11

"Through Eckles' stories, readers can gain a better understanding of God's deep provision and love. This is a fun and touching
book, especially for women." —Church Libraries, Winter 2012

“My relationship with the Lord was truly strengthened by reading Janet's book, Simply Salsa. Even as I have been a Christian for many years, her compelling testimony and life experiences taught me that I truly can 'dance' my way through tragedy, heartache and confusion as long as I allow the Lord to take the lead! With Janet's 'woman to woman' writing style,  I have never felt more connected to an author by just reading her book. I can't wait to share this inspiring book with all the women in my life!”Kristina miller, Associate Producer, Global Media Outreach



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