Designed to help preachers engage in a disciplined and deliberate study of biblical materials, the central premise of Living Water for Thirsty Souls is that preaching should be grounded and centered in the truths and lessons of the Bible. To achieve this goal, author Marvin McMickle has formulated an approach to biblical exegesis for preaching that is easy for students to learn and useful for pastors to employ long after their student days are done. This eight-step approach covers the eight Ls:

  1. Limits
  2. Literature
  3. Language
  4. Location
  5. Links
  6. Leads
  7. Lessons
  8. Life application

It is an approach that clearly reflects the traditional methodology for doing biblical exegesis. These teaching tools are guaranteed to take the preacher through the transition from text to sermon, resulting in a rich harvest of preaching material.

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