Preaching to the Black Middle Class (E-book)
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In the theological tradition of the black church that celebrates “preached theology,” Marvin McMickle demonstrates how ministers can develop sermons and programs that speak to the “two separate congregations” that coexist in their pews—middle-class commuters and the underclass residents of the immediate neighborhood.

Preaching to the Black Middle Class addresses:

  • the historical development of the black middle class
  • ministry needs of that population
  • opportunities and challenges the group presents
  • the responsibility of middle-class blacks to care for their underclass brothers and sisters

The result is a book that serves as a study guide, with sample sermons, for clergy and laity who want to minister more effectively to and through the growing black middle class in America.

"Class has joined the color as the twin problems that now confront black America. Preaching to the Black Middle Class is written as a way to challenge black middle-class Christians to confront and respond to both of these issues." —from the Introduction

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