The Leader's Guide for Arnold's Marriage ROCKS book integrates biblical, theological, psychological, and marriage enrichment precepts. Couples will be blessed with messages of:

  • Reconciliation
  • Discovery
  • Intimacy
  • Transformation

The Leader's Guide is divided into fifteen chapters (Lesson Previews), one for each group session, which correspond to chapters in the Marriage ROCKS for Christian Couples book. Each chapter in the leader's guide is comprised of four components to assist your small group facilitation:
(1) Learning Objectives
(2) Facilitator's Overview
(3) Lesson Guide
(4) Group ROCK Exercise

Editorial Reviews:

"Marriage ROCKS combines biblical truth and social science knowledge in providing a clear understanding of marital issues. Building on this understanding the book offers helpful processing exercises that will assist couples in applying the material to their own marriage. Although Marriage ROCKS can profit a couple who desire to build a stronger marriage, the accompanying leader's guide elevates the possibility of couples strengthening their marriage in a supportive group context." --Dr. Jack Balswick, PhD, Senior Professor of Sociology and Family Development, Fuller Theological Seminary

"The book and leader's guide are practical tools for clinicians, pastors, and lay leaders who work with African American couples for whom biblical concepts are important components for conceptualization of self and other. Dr. Arnold draws on his personal and professional expertise to develop a biblical and theoretical twelve-step counseling model." --Elizabeth Johnson Walker, ThD, LMFT, Associate Professor of Pastoral Care and Counseling, Louisville Presbyterian Theological Seminary

"The leader's guide is a treasure chest filled with learning objectives, session overview, lesson guide, and group exercises that integrate key areas of learning." -- Judith Balwick, EdD, Senior Professor of Marital and Family Therapy, Department of Marriage and Family, Fuller Theological Seminary

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