Stewardship is more than just raising funds for the church.

Christians are increasingly viewing stewardship holistically, understanding its meaning as caring for all of creation. In What the Bible Says about Stewardship, Van Benschoten presents stewardship and mission in their proper relational position. The author explains:

  • The biblical story of God’s stewardship assignment to all people
  • The mission directive for God’s people to go to all people
  • Their meaning for today’s church

Both stewardship and mission are seen in God’s relationships with his people, in God’s action in history, and in a culminating purpose for history.

This practical resource is designed for five two-hour small group sessions but can easily be adapted for use in ten one-hour sessions for larger congregational meetings. Van Benschoten offers questions and statements for study and reflection, as well as daily Bible readings. A leader’s guide and church self-study make this an ideal discussion resource.

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