DeYoung considers reconciliation in its broadest sense with periodic asides to illustrate practical approaches to separation based on race, gender, culture, class, nationalism, etc. The core of Reconciliation describes what is essential for actually engaging in the process of reconciliation: taking responsibility, seeking forgiveness, repairing the wrong, healing the soul, and creating a new way of relating.

Editorial Reviews:

“In Reconciliation Curtiss DeYoung offers us a moral guide and practical road map through this difficult, painful, and ultimately liberating process called reconciliation. This is a book that should be read by every American who wants to build bridges across our great divides—which should be all of us.” —Jim Wallis, Editor-in-Chief, Sojourners

“Curtiss DeYoung deftly takes up the burning question of the church’s potential leadership role in race relations and reminds us that meaningful change will cost something. Reconciliation is a provocative but highly readable work about daring to make strangers and enemies begin to view one another as friends and equal members of the body of Christ.” —Cain Hope Felder, Howard University

“DeYoung cuts no corners when it comes to stating the staggering cost of quality relationships, yet he makes the beauty of biblical reconciliation so appealing that the sacrifice will seem a small price to be paid for the enriching arrangement to which the Gospel calls us.” —James A. Forbes, Jr., Senior Minister, The Riverside Church

Reconciliation is the hard work of the Gospel. Curtiss DeYoung has done a great service to the church in sharing his insights on holistic reconciliation that have come through many years of practicing what he preaches.” —Robert Seiple, President, World Vision, Inc.

“This book is moving and compelling. It is thought provoking and practical—a must-read for all who are serious about their Christian faith.” —Kathy H. Dudley, President, Dallas Leadership Foundation

“DeYoung’s Reconciliation provides a worthy blueprint for a biblical, multiracial, and multicultural response that will contribute significantly to the shalom of the city.” —Eldin Villafañe, Center for Urban Ministerial Education, Gordon-Conwell Seminary

“A thoughtful description of the elements that are integral to any successful pursuit of reconciliation.” —Lawrence N. Jones, The Howard University School of Divinity

“The book helped open my eyes to the fact that problems in society cannot be resolved by just addressing them then avoiding them. The book did not deal only with racism. It dealt with many social problems including sexism, classism, and other barriers including hatred, prejudice, etc. I found the 'holistic mind-set' for reconciliation most intriguing; one must realize that each of these areas are vital to a ministry of reconciliation." —Jimmy St. Peter, E-Quality, A Publication for Christians for Biblical Equality

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