Interracial Christian couples challenge their families and churches to rethink previously held concepts about race relations in America. While God has joined together an increasing number of interracial marriages, fear of race mixing has driven many Christian families and churches apart. This social and spiritual distance creates a void filled with mistrust and unbiblical stereotypes about interracial marriage and multiracial children.

This groundbreaking work weaves together the personal and professional perspectives of racially diverse Christian leaders as they confront this emotionally charged issue. This multi-disciplinary handbook serves a twofold purpose:

  1. to affirm healthy interracial dating, mating, and parenting for family members, and
  2. to create a reference textbook to equip professionals with biblical insights and practical tools for ministering to multiracial families.

Written from a biblical perspective by authors of various racial identities and multiracial backgrounds, Just Don’t Marry One includes challenging questions that can be used for personal reflection and for small-group discussion.

Editorial Reviews:

“This should be a required read for counselors, pastors, and persons considering interracial marriage, as well as their families. It will serve to explode myths, help both biological and adoptive parents, and heal racial divisions.

I liked this book because reading it was like seeing my life on paper. Never have I had my frustrations more clearly articulated, my wounds so carefully bound, or my prejudices so carefully confronted and corrected. I laughed out loud while being given excellent advice on how to respond to the curious, and I wept with a Native American brother as his layers of anger were peeled away. . .I appreciated the authors just calling prejudice what it is so that we all can DEAL with it, and move on to live more meaningful lives.

I have ‘my’ copy and my ‘loan’ copy because this book will serve as an important resource to help me answer my children's questions as well as the questions of those in our circle of influence. I consider it to be one of the most useful additions to my personal library.” —A reader

"This book exudes honesty, vulnerability, transparency, and authenticity." —from the Foreword by Curtiss Paul DeYoung, author of Coming Together

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