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Invitation to Emmaus

Can grief recovery be intentional and transformational? Author and pastor Myrlene Hamilton Hess says yes and challenges the reader to join her on the healing journey to Emmaus.

Designed as a travel guide for those who are walking the road of grief, Hamilton offers the reader:

  • Vignettes with observations drawn from the author’s own experiences and from the experiences of others
  • Questions for personal reflection or small group discussion

Pastoral counselors and church leaders will find the free online leader's guide an invaluable tool for facilitating grief support groups!

Download the Grief Support Group Facilitator's Guide.

Editorial Reviews:

"I have a wide variety of books on grief in my library, but this volume fills a particular gap among religious texts. On the Road to Emmaus is a resource that enables the Christian reader to travel the often lonely and winding road through grief with faith-filled confidence, knowing that the human author has navigated the same road and that Jesus continues to be a companion on the Emmaus road." —from the Foreword by William Griffith, pastor, chaplain, and author of More than a Parting Prayer: Lessons in Care-Giving for the Dying

"...a terrific study for those who appreciate a conversational, chatty read. In a sense it's an 'easy' read; at the same time it contains a lot of substantial, important (and profound) content integrated throughout the stories." —Diane Robertson, grief support facilitator

"...the Leader's Guide turned out to meet all my needs. More scripture, great questions, proposed plan for the session. For the kind of work I do with groups, this is a perfect book." —Rev. Dr. Cheryl H. Wade, Director for Philanthropy, The Kendal Corporation

"Inevitably, one will lose one close to them. What matters is how one deals with it. On the Road to Emmaus: A Travel Guide for Grief is a Christian's guide to dealing with the harsh reality of life, the time of grief. Drawing upon the Bible and Hess's own personal experiences, On the Road to Emmaus offers much for small group discussion. On the Road to Emmaus is a good gift to a friend who is recently faced with the problems of loss." —Midwest Book Review

"Hess's style is intimate and personal. A welcome comfort to many who travel the road of grief." —Congregational Libraries Today

"One of the best I have ever read on this topic!" —Rev. Dr. Deborah L. Patterson, Executive Director, Deaconess Parish Nurse Ministries, LLC, International Parish Nurse Resource Center

"Anyone who ever expects to take a journey through grief should immediately read this new book for comfort and courage. Hess equips the reader through preparations for loss, the long road to healing and new beginnings, and includes questions for personal journaling." —Parish Nurse Perspectives, Winter 2009

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