Bless God and Take Courage
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Pages: 404
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Adventure, love, war, passion, tragedy, and triumph—this was life for America's first missionaries. Rosalie Hall Hunt has provided a well-researched, thorough, and scholarly account of Adoniram, of the three women—Ann, Sarah, and Emily—who served as his partners in life and mission, of the Judson descendants, and of the lasting impact of the Judson ministry.

An engaging and in-depth tale of the people whose vocation led to the birth of American missions, Bless God and Take Courage documents the life and legacy of the Judsons with never-before-published discoveries and details, including:

  • Newly unearthed correspondence between Adoniram and his third wife, Emily
  • Events from the first trip to Burma
  • More details on Adoniram's imprisonment at Let Ma Yoon
  • The aftermaths of the Judsons' deaths
  • The continuing impact of the Judson ministry among modern-day Burmese Christians

Editorial Reviews:

“. . .all Christians with a sense of call to missions should read this book. I was inspired again to read of. . .these Christian heroes [who left] home and family to tell all the world that God is light!” —Denton Lotz, General Secretary, Baptist World Alliance

“Rosalie Hunt has done a masterful job in reviving the Judson legacy. This book is a must read for those interested in missiology and our Baptist heritage.” —Jerry B. Cain, President, Judson College, Elgin, Illinois

“Not until reading this presentation did I fully understand the gripping real life story of a man and the three loves. . .who made all this possible.” —Wanda Lee, Executive Director, Woman’s Missionary Union, SBC

“The manuscript brought me surprise after surprise, each giving me insight into the life of a man I thought I knew before beginning to read.” —Alma Hunt, Executive Director Emeritus, Woman’s Missionary Union, SBC

“God is sovereign, and this missionary story is a must read for all Baptists. If we forget or never learn the price that has been paid for our freedom, we never will be led by the passion of the risen Christ as we should be.” —Mike Barrera, pastor, United Baptist Church, Laredo, Texas, Baptist Standard, May 2, 2005

“Well-researched, thorough, scholarly, engaging and in-depth for the serious student, Hunt’s volume also appeals to the lay reader with pictures at the start of each chapter, a chronology of events and a family tree.” —Jackie Riley, Baptists Today, April 2005

"Rosalie Hunt's biography of Adoniram Judson and his three wives provides a gripping story of what God accomplished through four 19th Century heroes who were unconditionally committed to bringing the light of Jesus Christ to a nation that had never heard the gospel." —Dr. Janice Shaw Crouse, Beverly LaHaye Institute, Concerned Women for America

"...This book deserves to be in every Christian school and church library, and it is one that can be read with great profit by mission professors and professional missionaries as well as by (especially Baptist) pastors and lay people." —Missiology: An International Review

"The research and story is awesome and inspiring. The missionary legacy that goes on is such a blessing. My prayer would be that our country would be so faithful in our legacy in these times of unrest. I just "Bless God and Take Courage" with the Judsons and Rosalie Hunt. God Bless!" —Tina Glazier, Alabama


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